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Research papers that were submitted for Artifact Evaluation (AE) and successfully passed are awarded the Open Research Objects (ORO) and/or Research Objects Reviewed (ROR) badge(s). See NISO RP-21-2021 report for definitions of the badges.
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Hardware Systems and Networking Track

  • hsSpMV : A Heterogeneous and SPM-aggregated SpMV for SW26010-Pro many-core processor, Jingshan Pan, Lei Xiao, Min Tian, Li Wang, Chaochao Yang, Renjiang Chen, Zenghui Ren, Anjun Liu and Guanghui Zhu
  • HyQ: Hybrid I/O Queue Architecture for NVMe over Fabrics to Enable High-Performance Hardware Offloading, Yiquan Chen, Jinlong Chen, Yijing Wang, Yi Chen, Zhen Jin, Jiexiong Xu, Guoju Fang, Wenhai Lin, Chengkun Wei and Wenzhi Chen Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • Taming Metadata-intensive HPC Jobs Through Dynamic, Application-agnostic QoS Control, Ricardo Macedo, Mariana Miranda, Yusuke Tanimura, Jason Haga, Amit Ruhela, Stephen Lien Harrell, Richard Todd Evans, José Pereira and João Paulo Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • Rethinking Design Paradigm of Graph Processing System with a CXL-like Memory Semantic Fabric, Xu Zhang, Yisong Chang, Tianyue Lu, Ke Zhang and Mingyu Chen
  • RoUD: Scalable RDMA over UD in Lossy Data Center Networks, Zhiqiang He and Yuxin Chen
  • An Optical Transceiver Reliability Study based on SFP Monitoring and OS-level Metric Data, Paolo Notaro, Soroush Haeri, Qiao Yu, Jorge Cardoso and Michael Gerndt  

Software Systems and Platforms Track

  • An experimental comparison of software-based power meters: focus on CPU and GPU, Mathilde Jay, Vladimir Ostapenco, Laurent Lefevre, Denis Trystram, Anne-Cécile Orgerie and Benjamin Fichel Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • An Empirical Study of Container Image Configurations and Their Impact on Start Times, Martin Straesser, André Bauer, Robert Leppich, Nikolas Herbst, Kyle Chard, Ian Foster and Samuel Kounev Open Research Objects (ORO)
  • How Workflow Engines should talk to Resource Managers: A Proposal for a Common Workflow Scheduling Interface, Fabian Lehmann, Jonathan Bader, Friedrich Tschirpke, Lauritz Thamsen and Ulf Leser Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • Runway: In-transit Data Compression on Heterogeneous HPC Systems, John Ravi, Michela Becchi and Suren Byna
  • LayerCake: Efficient Inference Serving with Cloud and Mobile Resources, Samuel Ogden and Tian Guo
  • An Asynchronous Dataflow-Driven Execution Model For Distributed Accelerator Computing, Philip Salzmann, Fabian Knorr, Peter Thoman, Philipp Gschwandtner, Biagio Cosenza and Thomas Fahringer
  • CUDAsap: Statically-Determined Execution Statistics as Alternative to Execution-Based Profiling, Yannick Emonds, Lorenz Braun and Holger Fröning Open Research Objects (ORO) 
  • Predicting the Performance-Cost Trade-off of Applications Across Multiple Systems, Amir Nassereldine, Safaa Diab, Mohammed Baydoun, Kenneth Leach, Maxim Alt, Dejan Milojicic and Izzat El Hajj
  • Optimal sizing of a globally distributed low carbon cloud federation, Miguel Vasconcelos, Daniel Cordeiro, Georges Da Costa, Fanny Dufossé, Jean-Marc Nicod and Veronika Rehn-Sonigo Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • KalpaVriksh: Efficient and Cost-effective GUI Application Hosting using Singleton Snapshots, Sumaiya Shaikh, Saurabh Kumar and Debadatta Mishra
  • Designing and Optimizing a GPU-aware MPI Library for Intel GPUs: Early Experiences, Chen-Chun Chen, Kawthar Shafie Khorassani, Goutham Kalikrishna Reddy Kuncham, Rahul Vaidya, Mustafa Abduljabbar, Aamir Shafi, Hari Subramoni and Dhabaleswar K. Panda
  • A Case Study of Data Management Challenges Presented in Large-Scale Machine Learning Workflows, Claire Lee, Wei-Keng Liao, V Hewes, Giuseppe Cerati, Jim Kowalkowski, Adam Aurisano, Alok Choudhary and Ankit Agrawal
  • EMPI: Enhanced Message Passing Interface in Modern C++,  Majid Salimi Beni, Luigi Crisci and Biagio Cosenza Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • HeROfake: Heterogeneous Resources Orchestration in a Serverless Cloud: An Application to Deepfake Detection, Vincent Lannurien, Laurent D’Orazio, Olivier Barais, Esther Bernard, Olivier Weppe, Laurent Beaulieu, Amine Kacete, Stéphane Paquelet and Jalil Boukhobza

ML for Systems, and Systems for ML Track

  • PFSL: Personalized & Fair Split Learning with Data & Label Privacy for Thin Clients“, Manas Wadhwa, Gagan Gupta, Ashutosh Sahu, Rahul Saini and Vidhi Mittal Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • Heterogeneous Federated Learning using Dynamic Model Pruning and Adaptive Gradient, Sixing Yu, Phuong Nguyen, Ali Anwar and Ali Jannesari Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • FreeTrain: A Framework to Utilize Unused Supercomputer Nodes for Training Neural Networks, Zhengchun Liu, Rajkumar Kettimuthu, Michael Papka and Ian Foster
  • Control Channel Isolation in SDN Virtualization: A Machine Learning Approach, Yeonho Yoo, Gyeongsik Yang, Changyong Shin, Jeunghwan Lee and Chuck Yoo Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • Implementing Reinforcement Learning Datacenter Congestion Control in NVIDIA NICs, Benjamin Fuhrer, Yuval Shpigelman, Chen Tessler, Shie Mannor, Gal Chechik, Eitan Zahavi and Gal Dalal Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • Overcoming Noisy Labels in Federated Learning Through Local Self-Guiding, Daokuan Bai, Shanshan Wang, Wenyue Wang, Chuan Zhao and Zhenxiang Chen
  • Optimizing Decentralized Learning with Local Heterogeneity using Topology Morphing and Clustering, Waqwoya Abebe and Ali Jannesari Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • Measuring the Impact of Gradient Accumulation on Cloud-based Distributed Training, Zimeng Huang, Bo Jiang, Tian Guo and Yunzhuo Liu
  • HDFL: A Heterogeneity and Client Dropout-Aware Federated Learning Framework, Syed Zawad, Ali Anwar, Yi Zhou, Nathalie Baracaldo and Feng Yan
  • Scavenger: A Cloud Service For Optimizing Cost and Performance of ML Training, Sahil Tyagi and Prateek Sharma
  • A Deep Learning Pipeline Parallel Optimization Method, Tiantian Lv, Lu Wu, Zhigang Zhao, Chunxiao Wang and Chuantao Li
  • Chronica: A Data-Imbalance-Aware Scheduler for Data-Parallel Distributed Deep Learning, Sanha Maeng, Euhyun Moon and Sungyong Park
  • COUNSEL: Cloud Resource Configuration using Deep  Reinforcement Learning, Adithya Hegde, Sameer G Kulkarni and Abhinandan S Prasad Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • ScaMP: Scalable Meta-Parallelism for Deep Learning Search, Quentin Anthony, Lang Xu, Aamir Shafi, Hari Subramoni and Dhabaleswar Panda
  • CADIS: Handling Cluster-skewed Non-IID Data in Federated Learning with Clustered Aggregation and Knowledge Distilled Regularization, Nang Hung Nguyen, Duc Long Nguyen, Trong Bang Nguyen, Thanh-Hung Nguyen, Hieu Pham, Truong Thao Nguyen and Phi Le Nguyen Open Research Objects (ORO)

Future Compute Continuum Track

  • Towards a Multi-objective Scheduling Policy for Serverless-based Edge-Cloud Continuum, Luc Angelelli, Anderson Andrei Da Silva, Yiannis Georgiou, Michael Mercier, Gregory Mounié and Denis Trystram Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • Bottleneck identification and failure prevention with procedural learning in 5G RAN, Tobias Sundqvist, Monowar Bhuyan and Erik Elmroth
  • Soft Reliability Aware Scheduling of Real-time Applications on Cloud with MTTF constraints, Manojit Ghose, Aryabartta Sahu, Krishna Prabin Pandey and Niyati Chaudhari
  • AggFirstJoin: Optimizing Geo-Distributed Joins using Aggregation-Based Transformations, Dhruv Kumar, Sohaib Ahmad, Abhishek Chandra and Ramesh K. Sitaraman 
  • The SPEC-RG Reference Architecture for the Compute Continuum, Matthijs Jansen, Auday Al-Dulaimy, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos, Animesh Trivedi and Alexandru Iosup Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • CacheIn: A Secure Distributed Multi-layer Mobility-Assisted Edge Intelligence based Caching for Internet of Vehicles, Ankur Nahar, Himani Sikarwar, Sanyam Jain and Debasis Das
  • PrivFlow: Secure and Privacy Preserving Serverless Workflows on Cloud, Surabhi Garg, Meena Singh Dilip Thakur, Dr. Rajan M A, Lakshmipadmaja Maddali and Ramachandran Vigneswaran
  • XFaaS: Cross-platform Orchestration of FaaS Workflows on Hybrid Clouds, Aakash Khochare, Tuhin Khare, Varad Kulkarni and Yogesh Simmhan Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)

Applications and Translation Track

  • Use of Cost Surface Analysis and Stream Order Analysis for Computing Shortest Paths, Yogesh Dasgaonkar
  • WiDual: User Identified Gesture Recognition Using Commercial WiFi, Miaoling Dai, Chenhong Cao, Tong Liu, Meijia Su, Yufeng Li and Jiangtao Li
  • Enabling Fast, Effective Visualization of Voluminous Gridded Spatial Datasets, Paahuni Khandelwal, Menuka Warushavithana, Sangmi Lee Pallickara and Shrideep Pallickara
  • Blockchain Proportional Governance Reconfiguration: Mitigating a Governance Oligarchy, Deepal Tennakoon and Vincent Gramoli
  • Serverless Approach to Sensitivity Analysis of Computational Models, Piotr Kica, Magdalena Otta, Krzysztof Czechowicz, Karol Zając, Piotr Nowakowski, Andrew Narracott, Ian Halliday and Maciej Malawski
  • Scheduling DNN Inferencing on Edge and Cloud for Personalized UAV Fleets, Suman Raj, Harshil Gupta and Yogesh Simmhan
  • CrossLedger: A Pioneer Cross-chain Asset Transfer Protocol, Lokendra Vishwakarma, Amritesh Kumar and Debasis Das
  • Towards Improving Reverse Time Migration Performance by High-speed Lossy Compression, Yafan Huang, Kai Zhao, Sheng Di, Guanpeng Li, Maxim Dmitriev, Thierry-Laurent D. Tonellot and Franck Cappello
  • Mixed Precision Based Parallel Optimization of Tensor Mathematical Operations on a New-generation Sunway Processor, Shuwei Fan, Yao Liu, Juliang Su, Xianyou Wu and Qiong Jiang
  • Efficient PRAM and Practical GPU Algorithms for Large Polygon Clipping with Degenerate Cases, Buddhi Ashan Mallika Kankanamalage, Satish Puri and Sushil K. Prasad Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • Congestion Minimization using Fog-deployed DRL-Agent Feedback enabled Traffic Light Cooperative Framework, Anuj Sachan, Nisha Singh Chauhan and Neetesh Kumar
  • Accelerating Hybrid DFT Simulations Using Performance Modeling on Supercomputers, Yosuke Oyama, Takumi Honda, Atsushi Ishikawa and Koichi Shirahata
  • Balancing Computation and Communication in Distributed Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication, Hongli Mi, Xiangrui Yu, Xiaosong Yu, Shuangyuan Wu and Weifeng Liu Open Research Objects (ORO) Research Objects Reviewed (ROR)
  • A Cloud-Fog Architecture for Video Analytics on Large Scale Camera Networks Using Semantic Scene Analysis, Kunal Jain, Kishan Sairam Adapa, Kunwar Shaanjeet Singh Singh Grover, Ravi Kiran Sarvadevabhatla and Suresh Purini
  • Speaker recognition system of flexible throat microphone using contrastive learning, Weiliang Zheng, Zhenxiang Chen, Yang Li, Xiaoqing Jiang and Xueyang Cao

Research Posters

  • TwMiner: Mining Relevant Tweets of News Articles, Roshni Chakraborty and Nilotpal Chakraborty
  • Privacy Regulations-Aware Storage Service  Selection in Multi-Cloud, Rishabh Kumar, Pankaj Sahu, Shubhro Roy, Sutapa Mondal, Mangesh Gharote and Sachin Lodha
  • Evaluating Kubernetes at the Edge for Fault Tolerant Multi-Camera Computer Vision Applications, Owen Heckmann and Arun Ravindran
  • Hierarchical Clustering Architecture for Metaverse Applications, Santhosh Kumar, Goutam Sanyal and Prabhakar M
  • Optimizing Memory Allocation in a Serverless Architecture through Function Scheduling, Manish Pandey and Young Woo Kwon
  • Sequence-based System Call Filtering for Enhanced Container Security, is it beneficial? Somin Song, Sahil Suneja, Michael Le and Byungchul Tak
  • Power to the Applications: The Vision of Continuous Decentralized Autoscaling, Martin Straesser, Stefan Geißler, Tobias Hoßfeld and Samuel Kounev
  • 3D CNN Acceleration using Block Circulant Matrix in Frequency Domain, Rui Han, Huarong Xu, Peng Jiang, Xiongwei Jiang and Jiaming Qian
  • Distributed In-band Network Telemetry, Dhyey Thummar, Iram Nawab and Sameer Kulkarni
  • Sparse-HeteroCL: From Sparse Tensor Algebra to Highly Customized Accelerators on FPGAs, Jize Pang, Lei Gong, Chao Wang and Xuehai Zhou
  • Query Latency Optimization by Resource-Aware Task Placement in Fog, Fatima Abdullah, Limei Peng and Byungchul Tak
  • Satin Bowerbird optimization based classification model for heart disease prediction using deep learning in E-Healthcare, Kamal Kumar Gola and Shikha Arya
  • Knowledge Enhanced Digital Objects: a Data Lake Approach, Yu Luo and Beth Plale

Early Career and Students’ Showcase Posters

  • Performance Modelling of Graph Neural Networks, Pranjal Naman and Yogesh Simmhan
  • Towards efficient scheduling of concurrent DNN training and inferencing on accelerated edge devices, Prashanthi S K, Vinayaka Hegde and Yogesh Simmhan
  • Runway: In-transit Data Compression on Heterogeneous HPC Systems, John Ravi, Michela Becchi and Suren Byna
  • Privacy-preserving Job Scheduler for GPU Sharing, Aritra Ray, Kyle Lafata, Zhaobo Zhang, Ying Xiong and Krishnendu Chakrabarty
  • Mobile app platform for Personalized UAV Fleets using Edge and Cloud, Suman Raj and Yogesh Simmhan
  • Scalable, High-Quality Scheduling of Data Center Workloads, Meghana Thiyyakat, Subramaniam Kalambur and Dinkar Sitaram
  • GA-PSO-Based Cryptographic Technique for Cloud Data Security, Amit Sanger and Rahul Johari
  • Microservice-based in-network security framework for FPGA NICs, Mayank Rawat, Lasani Hussain, Neeraj Kumar Yadav, Sumit Darak, Praveen Tammana and Rinku Shah
  • Deep Learning based Approach for Fast, Effective Visualization of Voluminous Gridded Spatial Observations, Paahuni Khandelwal, Menuka Warushavithana, Sangmi Lee Pallickara and Shrideep Pallickara
  • Importance-driven In situ Analysis and Visualization, Muzafar Ahmad Wani and Preeti Malakar
  • Unique Prefix vs. Unique Mask for Minimizing SDN Flows with Transparent Edge Access, Josef Hammer and Hermann Hellwagner
  • Toward Next-Generation Distributed Rate-limiters, Iram Nawab and Sameer Kulkarni
  • Distributed and Dependable Software-Defined Storage Control Plane for HPC, Mariana Miranda
  • A Lightweight, Mobility-Aware, Geospatial & Temporal Data Store for Multi-UAV Systems, Shashwat Jaiswal, Suman Raj, Subhajit Sidhanta and Yogesh Simmhan
  • Extending the Interval-centric Distributed Computing Model for Incremental Graphs, Varad Kulkarni, Ruchi Bhoot and Yogesh Simmhan
  • ScaMP: Scalable Meta-Parallelism for Deep Learning Search, Quentin Anthony, Lang Xu, Aamir Shafi, Hari Subramoni and Dhabaleswar Panda
  • Comparing the Orchestration of Quantum Applications on Hybrid Clouds, Rajiv Sangle, Tuhin Khare and Yogesh Simmhan
  • A flexible dataflow CNN accelerator on FPGA, Haoran Li, Lei Gong, Chao Wang and Xuehai Zhou
  • To Think Like a Vertex (or Not) for Distributed Training of Graph Neural Networks, Varad Kulkarni, Akarsh Chaturevedi, Pranjal Naman and Yogesh Simmhan
  • Scavenger: A Cloud Service for Optimizing Cost and Performance of DL Training, Sahil Tyagi
  • An Improved PBFT-Based Consensus Protocol for Industrial IoT, Roshan Singh and Sukumar Nandi
  • AggFirstJoin: Optimizing Geo-Distributed Joins using Aggregation-Based Transformations, Dhruv Kumar, Sohaib Ahmad, Abhishek Chandra and Ramesh Sitaraman

TCSC SCALE Challenge

  • Highly Scalable Large-Scale Asynchronous Graph Processing using Actors, Youssef Elmougy, Akihiro Hayashi, Vivek Sarkar
  • ParaDiS: a Parallel and Distributed framework for Significant pattern mining, Jyoti, Sriram Kailasam, Aleksey Buzmakov
  • BigHOST: Automatic Grading System for Big Data Assignments, Vishal Ramesha, Sachin Shankar, Suhas Thalanki, Supreeth Kurpad, Prafullata Auradkar
  • Edge Computing Solutions Supporting Voice Recognition Services for Speakers with Dysarthria, Davide Mulfari, Lorenzo Carnevale, Antonino Galletta, Massimo Villari
  • Gateway-based certification approach to include IoT nodes in a trusted Edge/Cloud environment, Valeria Lukaj, Francesco Martella, Maria Fazio, Antonino Galletta, Antonio Celesti, Massimo Villari
  • Next Generation Financial Services: Role of Blockchain Enabled Federated Learning and Metaverse, Pushpita Chatterjee, Debashis Das, Danda B Rawat
  • Generative AI for Cyber Threat-Hunting in 6G-Enabled IoT Networks, Mohamed Amine Ferrag, Merouane Debbah, Muna Al-Hawawreh
  • FL-PSO: A Federated Learning Approach with Particle Swarm Optimization for Brain Stroke Prediction, Nancy Victor, Sweta Bhattacharya, Praveen Kumar Reddy Maddikunta, Fasial Mohammed Alotaibi, Thippa Reddy Gadekallu, Rutvij H. Jhaveri
  • Cognitive Health Assessment of Decentralized Smart Home Activities using Federated Learning, Javed Abdul Rehman, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Gautam Srivastava
  • A Blockchain-Based Security Management Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems, Debashis Das, Sourav Banerjee, Rakhi Chakraborty, Kousik Dasgupta, Pushpita Chatterjee, Uttam Ghosh
  • Securing Multi-IRS mmWave Communications with Eavesdroppers and Friendly and Unfriendly Jammers in Vehicular Cyber Physical Systems, Reham Alsabet, Danda B. Rawat
  • SAS-UNet: Modified Encoder-Decoder Network for the Segmentation of Obscenity in Images, Sonali Samal, Thippa Reddy Gadekellu, Pankaj Rajput, Yu-Dong Zhang, Bunil Kumar Balabantaray
  • A Study on Secure Network Slicing in 5G, Pranav Kumar Singh, Maharaj Brahma, Panchanan Nath, Uttam Ghosh
  • A Review of Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack, Jack Beerman, David Berent, Zach Falter, Suman Bhunia
  • DOC-NAD: A Hybrid Deep One-Class Classifier for Network Anomaly Detection, Mohanad Sarhan, Gayan Kulatilleke, Wai Weng Lo, Siamak Layeghy, Marius Portmann
  • Controlling Air Pollution in Data Centers using Green Data Centers, Sweta Dey, Sujata Pal
  • API Traffic Anomaly Detection in Microservice Architecture, Sowmya M, Ankith J Rai, Spoorthi V, MD Irfan, Prasad B Honnavalli, Nagasundari S
  • AI-Powered Interfaces for Extended Reality to Support Remote Maintenance, Akos Nagy, George Amponis, Konstantinos Kyranou, Thomas Lagkas, Alexandros Apostolos Boulogeorgos, Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, Vasileios Argyriou
  • Improving Industry 4.0 Readiness: Monolith Application Refactoring using Graph Attention Networks, Tanisha Rathod, Christina Joseph, John Martin
  • MUAR: Maximizing Utilization of Available Resources for Query Processing, Mayankkumar Patel, Minal Bhise
  • Information-Theoretically Secure Multi-Party Linear Regression and Logistic Regression, Hengcheng Zhou
  • Disease Prediction using Chest X-ray Images in Serverless Data Pipeline Framework, Vikas Singh, Neha Singh, Mainak Adhikari
  • Spark Based Parallel Frequent Pattern Rules for Social Media Data Analytics, Shubhangi Chaturvedi, Sri Khetwat Saritha, Animesh Chaturvedi
  • OPERA-gSAM: Big Data Processing Framework for UMI Sequencing at High Scalability and Efficiency, Pablo Vazquez Caderno, Feras M. Awaysheh, Yolanda Colino-Sanguino, Laura Rodriguez de la Fuente, Fatima Valdes-Mora, José C. Cabaleiro, Tomas F.,Pena, David Gallego-Ortega
  • Efficient Design for Smart Environment using Raspberry Pi with Blockchain and IoT (BRIoT), Sunil K. Ponugumati, Kamran Ali, Zaid Zahoor, Aboubaker Lasebae, Anum T. Kiyani, Ali Khoshkholghi, Latha Maddu
  • Blockchains’ Federation: Developing Personal Health Trajectory-Centered Health Systems, Javier Rojo, Jose García, Javier Berrocal, Luca Foschini, Paolo Bellavista, Juan Hernández, Juan M. Murillo
  • An Isolation-Aware Online Virtual Network Embedding via Deep Reinforcement Learning, Ali Gohar, Chunming Rong , Sanghwan Lee
  • Information Fusion-Based Cybersecurity Threat Detection for Intelligent Transportation System, Abdullahi Chowdhury, Ranesh Naha , Shahriar Kaisar, Mohammad Ali Khoshkholghi, Kamran Ali, Antonino Galletta
  • Transformer Inference Acceleration in Edge Computing Environment, Mingchu Li, Wenteng Zhang , Dexin Xia
  • RISC-V Core for Ethical Intelligent IoT Edge: Analysis & Design Choice, Hari Babu P, Sasirekha Gvk , Madhav Rao, Jyotsna Bapat, Debabrata Das
  • Securing Serverless Workflows on the Cloud Edge Continuum, Gabriele Morabito, Christian Sicari , Lorenzo Carnevale, Antonino Galletta, Massimo Villari
  • Web Services Relocation and Reallocation for Data Residency Compliance, Pankaj Sahu, Shubhro Roy , Mangesh Gharote, Sachin Lodha
  • Competitor Attack Model for Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning, Dongdong Zhao, Songsong Liao , Huanhuan Li, Jianwen Xiang
  • ML based D3R : Detecting DDoS using Random Forest, Anagha Ramesh, Ramza Haris , Sumedha Arora
  • On the timing of applying resource separation during DDoS attacks, Anmol Kumar, Gaurav Somani
  • Malware Detection using API Calls Visualisations and Convolutional Neural Networks, Rafael Bonilla, Carlos Jimenez , Jaime Pizarro, Joseph Avila, Joangie Márquez


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