Diversity and Inclusion

This year, CCGRID is placing an emphasis on diversity and inclusion in systems research. We are inaugurating a D&I track at CCGRID 2023 which will feature eminent keynote speakers and panel discussions by researchers and practitioners in cluster, cloud and Internet computing from diverse backgrounds. Further, we will be hosting focused mentorship round-tables and networking sessions for students, faculty members and researchers from traditionally under-represented groups to provide them an opportunity to interact with leading experts from academia and industry.

  • Beth Plale, Indiana University, USA (plale@indiana.edu)
  • Preeti Malakar, IIT Kanpur, India (pmalakar@cse.iitk.ac.in)

Keynote Talk

Dr. Deborah Agarwal

  • Scientific Data Division Director & Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Research Affiliate, Berkeley Institute for Data Science, University of California, Berkeley
  • Senior Scientist and Division Director for the Scientific Data Division, at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).

The Scientific Data Division (SciData) transforms data-driven discovery and understanding through the development and application of novel data science methods, technologies, and infrastructures with scientific partners. Dr. Agarwal’s current research focuses on developing computational tools to enable scientists to organize and use Earth Science data to address challenges more effectively. She has worked on projects involving carbon flux, watershed understanding, tropical forests, soil carbon, carbon capture, cosmology, particle accelerators, data repositories, and satellite data. She is also active in efforts to broaden diversity in computing research and a member of the Computing Research Association Committee on Widening Participation.

Panel Discussion: “Holistically bringing about greater and more lasting forms of inclusion”

A panel discussion during a plenary session moderated by Prof. Beth Plale  will include eminent researchers: Prof. Hemangee K. Kapoor, Prof. Meenakshi D’Souza, Dr. Manohar Swaminathan, besides Dr. Deb Agarwal. The panel will address issues of community in the distributed/HPC (academic/lab) research community and what can be done to more holistically bring about greater and more lasting forms of inclusion. We expect a positive and action-oriented outcome (e.g., starting with our own labs) as a result of this panel discussion.

Prof. Beth Plale
Michael A and Laurie Burns McRobbie Bicentennial Professor of Computer Engineering, Indiana University Bloomington

Prof. Hemangee K. Kapoor 
Professor of CSE, Department of CSE,
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati

Prof. Meenakshi D’Souza
 Professor, International Institute of
Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB) 

Dr. Manohar Swaminathan
Principal Researcher,
Microsoft Research India

Dr. Ilkay Altintas
Chief Data Science Officer,
University of California, San Diego (UCSD), USA

DEI Reception and Mentoring Session

This is an invite-only event on the evening of 2 May, 2023 targeted at students who are not adequately represented in, or exposed, to computer science research, especially systems research. Invitees can take this opportunity to have focused discussion with experienced researchers working on cluster, cloud and internet computing. The event will start with a brief introduction by experts followed by a round-table discussion between the mentors and students. Students may use this time to familiarize themselves with research and ask questions related to research, career progression and future goals, job vs. higher education, challenges faced by those of us that are part of underrepresented populations in CS system research and how to overcome them, etc.

This is an invite-only event, and you may apply to participate in this reception and mentorship session. Applications are invited from students who self-identify as under-served in CS research, including but not limited to undergraduate students and high school students, and based on gender, sexual orientation, income, ethnicity, race, caste, physically challenged, etc.

The Application form will be open between March 13 to 27, 2023. We have limited capacity, and you will be informed by March 31 if you are shortlisted to attend this session.

If you are registering to attend the conference, you will still need to apply separately for this invite-only session.  We encourage students not planning to attend the conference but interested in the DEI reception and mentoring session to apply to attend this invite-only session. There is no cost to attend this DEI session though seats are limited.

Travel Grants for Students/Early Career Researchers from India and USA

A limited number of student travel grants are available to assist deserving students from USA and India in attending IEEE/ACM CCGRID 2023. These will partially cover the registration, boarding, and/or lodging costs for the selected awardees to attend the open sessions of the conference. Priority will be given to those having an accepted paper/poster in the conference and its co-located events, and to enhance the diversity of participants. You may apply here (Closed).

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